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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is top of mind in every decision we make and initiative we implement. This first-of-its-kind center utilizes several advanced sustainability methods that will help reach the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality, as well as create a more consistent supply of lamb year-round and benefit American Lamb as an industry.
Steady Supply = Flatter Energy Use 
Sheep Production Year Round Calendar

Year-round breeding, made possible by the smart lighting technology, is a more sustainable method of sheep production as it creates a more manageable, consistent supply for the production process downstream, reducing spikes in usage of energy and resources.

Food Efficient and Water Smart
Water Droplet

Automated bunk feeding ensures the correct ration and proper amounts to the correct sheep while minimizing waste. Implementing hydroponically grown micro-greens into the diet uses 99% less water than traditional irrigated feed, thus more sustainable. 

Regenerative Practices
Hay Straw

Our team works with an agronomist to improve manure quality. Composting natural ingredients improves local soil health with natural nutrients and organic matter. Used straw and manure is sold to local farms, where it's then used to produce more hay for the Sheep Discover Center.

Sustaining Our Industry
Future Farmer

The responsible processes we have in place will benefit more than just the Sheep Discover Center. These sustainable practices and systems provide a model that can be replicated across the American lamb industry to help ensure growth and stability for producers, manufacturers and customers.

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