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Animal Care

In an effort to provide a no-stress environment for the livestock, the center utilizes state-of-the-art climate control technology in the barns. This is especially useful in inclement weather to create a low-stress environment for pregnant ewes. The animals have uninhibited accesses at all times to outside grazing on the center’s grounds.
The Five Freedoms
Sheep Free To Roam

The Sheep Discover Center adheres to these gold standard, globally recognized Five Freedoms of animal care for our ewes and lambs: Freedom from hunger and thirst; Freedom from discomfort; Freedom from pain, injury, and disease; Freedom to express normal and natural behavior, and Freedom from fear and distress.

Just the Right Recipe
Feed Recipe

Multiple feed recipes are formulated to meet the needs of the ewes and lambs while gestating, lactating, weaning, breeding, and growing. All recipes are formulated in collaboration with our consulting veterinarian/nutritionist.

The Perfect Place for Each Phase
Lamb Crib

Each lamb progresses through a series of thoughtfully designed phases at the Sheep Discovery Center - from birth where cribs provide ewe and lamb a safe, comfortable shelter in which to bond to larger community pens where lambs have access to customized feed and freedom to access the yard. 

The Flock Comes First
Flock Comes First

We are dedicated to being stewards for the sheep and adhering to the global standard for animal health, freedom, and comfort while providing an optimal environment and nutrition for the ewes, rams, and newborn lambs.

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