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Converging Technologies

Our state-of-the-art sheep facility converges the farming methods of traditional lamb production with advanced sheep industry technologies, production practices and genetics, resulting in a more consistent and sustainable lamb production model that will benefit the entire American lamb industry.
Flock54℠ Genomics Testing
DNA strand graphic

Flock54℠ genomics testing (similar to human DNA testing such as 23andMe) identifies genetically superior traits, natural disease resistance, and parentage of each ewe and lamb. Learn more about Flock54℠

We Identify Each Animal
EID eartag

Electronic Identification (EID) tags on each ewe and lamb track health records, individual performance, and provide block chain traceability. 

Continuous Improvement
Electronic Data

Revolutionary software (converted from the dairy industry) allows data to be electronically gathered, stored and used to continually make improvements with each generation of lambs.

Lighting The Way to Success
Lighting System

Internet of Things (IoT) LED lighting system significantly reduces power demand and enables programmable timing and brightness, ensuring animal comfort while optimizing performance. 

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