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Superior Farms Celebrates Grand Opening of The Sheep Discovery Center

New state-of-the-art sheep facility features advanced sheep industry technologies, production practices and genetics methods aimed at revolutionizing the U.S. sheep industry

Ribbon Cutting Attendees

Nephi, Utah (April 11, 2022) – Superior Farms, the leading purveyor of sustainably-raised, ranch-to-table American lamb is ushering in a new future for sustainable sheep production in the U.S. with the grand opening of The Sheep Discovery Center in Nephi, Utah. This one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art center was created in partnership with sheep producers from six different states and is one of the country's most sustainable agriculture centers. A ribbon cutting event marking the official opening is being held on April 19 from 2-4 p.m. MT.

Marking a significant milestone that will transform American lamb production, the Sheep Discovery Center converges technological advancements while focusing on animal health and wellbeing to discover the full potential of each sheep while reducing its environmental footprint. 

The state-of-the-art sheep facility will converge the farming methods of traditional lamb production with advanced sheep industry technologies, production practices and genetics, resulting in a more consistent and sustainable lamb production model that will benefit the entire American lamb industry. With a fully functioning farm and breeding system, ran by general manager Jordan Atkinson, the facility currently houses thousands of lambs and ewes.

“At Superior Farms, we’ve always been committed to raising healthy flocks in a sustainable way that is beneficial for the animals and the land,” said Rick Stott, CEO of Superior Farms. “We’re welcoming the Nephi community to join our Superior Farms team and city officials in the cutting of the ribbon – signifying the launch of this new, exciting chapter for American lamb production.” 

The success of this program lies in the belief that less stress, Flock54(SM) genetics, optimized nutrition, use of electronic individual animal identification, data-based production decisions, block chain technology and year-round production will promote exceptional lamb production results. Superior Farms is dedicated to being stewards for the sheep and adhering to the global standard for animal health, freedom, and comfort while providing an optimal environment and nutrition for the ewes, rams, and newborn lambs. In an effort to provide a no-stress environment for the livestock, the center utilizes state-of-the-art climate control technology in the barns. This is especially useful in inclement weather to create a low-stress environment for pregnant ewes. The animals always have uninhibited accesses to outside grazing on the Center’s grounds.

Dedicated to implementing the latest cutting-edge technologies and production practices, put in place by producer partners and other industry stakeholders, The Sheep Discovery Center is utilizing energy-saving, LED web-enabled lighting for year-round production and the exclusive Flock54(SM) genomics selection tool. Used in the barns year-round, this sophisticated lighting creates a habitat similar to that of springtime, when ewes naturally thrive and are at their peak for mating. To optimize genetics, the Center taps into the exclusive Flock54(SM) genetic management program to identify key health and production traits in ewes and rams to help produce healthier and more productive offspring. Utilizing this genetic testing program individual animal identification technology and a state-of-the-art data base, the center can identify parentage and positive and negative traits in each animal as a baby. 

“Sustainability is top of mind in every decision we make and initiative we implement,” said Stott. “This first-of-its-kind center utilizes several extremely advanced sustainability methods that will help reach the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality, as well as create a more consistent supply of lamb year-round and benefit American Lamb as an industry.”

To minimize the overall environmental footprint of lamb production, the Sheep Discovery Center has partnered with sheep producers from six different states on this project located in Nephi, Utah. This central location allows for more sustainable transport nationwide. Year-round breeding, made possible by the smart lighting technology, is a more sustainable method of sheep production as it creates a more manageable, consistent supply for the production process downstream, reducing spikes in usage of energy and resources. The center also utilizes a state-of-the-art feed kitchen to help reduce waste.

When at full capacity in 2024, the center will employee 25 people, inject over $6 million annually into the local economy and supply sustainably-raised American lamb across the U.S.

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