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Providing Optimal Nutrition for the Ewes, Rams, and
Newborn Lambs

Our focus on regenerative agriculture is better for the animals, better
for the environment and better for the consumer.

Sheep grazing


  • Automated feed kitchen to ensure consistent nutritious feed for ewes and lambs.
  • Minimizes labor and equipment through
    automation, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Feed is formulated to meet all nutrient needs of the sheep.
  • Multiple feed recipes are formulated to meet the needs of the ewes and lambs while gestating, lactating, drying off, breeding, and growing.
  • All recipes are formulated in collaboration with our consulting veterinarian/ nutritionist.


  • Minimal equipment and human activity in the
    barn helps reduce carbon footprint and ensures
    more comfort for the sheep.
  • Automated bunk feeding ensures the correct ration and proper amounts to the correct sheep, minimizing waste.
  • Provides the ability to feed sheep multiple times a day, ensuring optimal comfort and nutrition.


  • Premium Feed: High source of energy, highly
    digestible with appropriate levels of protein.
  • Feed Efficiency: A diet that includes micro-greens improve production per pound of
  • Water Smart: Implementing hydroponically
    grown micro-greens into the diet uses 99% less
    water than traditional irrigated feed.


  • Used straw and manure is sold to local farmers which produce hay for the Sheep Discover Center.
  • The Sheep Discover Center team works with an agronomist to improve manure quality.
  • Composting natural ingredients to improve local soil health with natural nutrients and organic matter.
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